Monday, December 31, 2012


I am terrible at this whole blogging thing but would really need to start working on it more. Here is our year in one post :) 

Celebrated my Dad's birthday.
Went & saw Underworld 3D

Celebrated 8 years together
Kate went to her first dance
Spent time in Eden
Celebrated Amy's Birthday

Went to the St. Patrick's Day Parade
Went to the Martini Bar
Celebrated Jamie's Birthday
1st time at the Festival of Colors

Austin started work at Union Pacific Railroad
Celebrated Austin's Birthday
Austin's cousin got married
Went to the red and white game for the Utes

Welcomed our new niece Paisley
Aust got his first tattoo
I got my second tattoo
Aidan was the Elephant Bird in Seussical Jr. 
Aidan was in a school play
Finished my 2nd year of AmeriCorps

Celebrated Ryan, Ashley and Logan's Birthdays
Went to the Pride Parade
Celebrated 3 years of marriage

Celebrated the 4th by going to the Oakley Rodeo
Celebrated the 24th at the Bountiful Parade

Celebrated Kate's BIG 16
Celebrated Braxton's Birthday
Celebrated my Birthday
Went to Utah Utes Fan Fest
Football Season Started
Started School full time

Celebrated my Mom's Birthday
Went to Oktoberfest
Utah beat BYU

Went to the Pumpkin Patch
Went to Thriller in Park City
Celebrated Halloween with the Kiddos 

Celebrated Morgan's Birthday
Celebrated Aidan's Birthday
Morgan's Utes won on his birthday &
He got a signed football by Kyle Whittingham for his birthday

Had a fabulous Christmas
Oaks turned 6 
Had a great visit with Grandma Marian

Got a 4 wheeler for my Birthday HUGE & BEST SURPRISE!!!!
Golfed lots with the hubby
First Kitchen Aid Mixer
First time eating sushi
Both went to the ER- Aust had kidney stones
Railroad pictures start becoming a part of our lives
Aidan got her ears pierced
Utah beat BYU 3 times in one game :)
Oaks took Aust for a ride on his Rollerblades

We had great times with the most important people in our lives this year. We can't wait to see what 2013 brings us. We have a lot of exciting things coming our way in the next few years and can't wait to grow as a family and as individuals with our careers. 

Love you all

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


We had a great Christmas this year. We spent alot of time with family and friends. Austin spoiled me like crazy this year.

I got a new Iphone 4s &

a gift card to Sego Lily Day Spa (My favorite place to Relax)

I got Austin a big Utah Utes framed picture.

Aust wants to make a UTES office when we have a home one day so I thought that would go great in there. I also got him an Electric Toothbrush, he has wanted one for so long.

We got a popcorn maker from Austin's Aunt and Uncle

We can't wait to put this in our dream Theater Room when we have a house :)

I love spending time with family and watching the little ones opening gifts they are so excited with every gift that they open. New Years Eve was fun, we went to dinner with a bunch of friends then out to a bar. I can't believe that we are already in 2012. We are hoping that this is a great year for us. We are excited for the things that will come our way!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A bit of Happiness

WOW I look back at my last post and all I can say is WOW. Sorry about that one!! Things are going much better, school has calmed down a little, well maybe it hasn't I have just accepted it to be this way the rest of the semester.

I thought I would add some pictures from our London and Ireland trip, I don't have many on my work computer but I have a few. We had a great time on our trip it was BEAUTIFUL over there. London was crazy busy we took the tube everywhere and walked a lot. The tube is an underground trax basically, its so busy there are people everywhere and they don't want you to get in their way. The people don't look at you or even act like you are there.

Westminster Abbey

Telephone Booth Pics

Malahide Park In Ireland

I promise to post more pictures soon. I will try to catch up once this semester is over!!! I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving!! YAY for Christmas :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011


WARNING..... this post is considered a venting post.

This is honestly how I feel as of lately. I WOULD LOVE a vacation, even a little weekend get away trip would be OK!!! I am constantly writing down notes and reminders of things I need to do!! I was so excited for this school year to start, I had a great attitude about my job and school. Then I attended my first Math class and all that great attitude went down the drain. Math is not my favorite subject but I've done great the past few semesters, not this time!!! My teacher is not a teacher at all lol, he can't even solve the problem that he is teaching us while at the board. The students have to help him out most times!!!! I'm honestly not sure how that is suppose to work. My other class is history and she expects us to read 10 hrs a week from our book and other resources. I don't have that kind of time!!! Some days I really think to myself "why am I going back to school I should just quit now while I'm ahead, I have at least another 4 years ahead of me, what am I thinking!!!!!!"

I love my job its amazing!!! It's my second year under this new title and I thought I would be on top of things this year because I knew what I was doing but now they have me using new programs and I'm learning along with the kids.I have things under control its just hard learning a new program. I am so lucky to work at a school that gives me so many amazing opportunities its just hard to put the time into it when I have so many other things to worry about.

I honestly feel like I get home, eat dinner, talk to my hubby, do homework and then I'm ready for bed. If I could I would go to bed at 8 but most nights I'm not able to do that. On Friday nights I'm lucky if I make it past 9 I am just so tired. I look at my friends that work, go to school and have kids and I have no idea how they do it. I can't even handle me and my husband right now.

I can't wait to have a house and be done with school. I think back to when I graduated High School and decided to go to Hair School (WHAT WAS I THINKING) I guess I didn't know what I wanted to do so that sounded fun!! If I would have taken the time to think more about it I would most likely be in a classroom right now teaching my own students, but that is not the case. Was Hair School a waste?? NO I learned so much about myself, I have an amazing talent that I can use the rest of my life and I met some amazing people. I don't regret what I did, I just wish I went about it in a different way.

As I reread this post I sound so selfish. I should be thankful that I even have a job and have the chance to go to school. I truly am so grateful for my job and that I am able to go to school. It is just a stressful time right now. I need to take school one step at a time and hope that next school year I will be able to go to school full time and get a great part time job so that I can get up to the U of U quicker!!! I am so thankful for the great support team that I have at home. My Hubby and Family are amazing, they listen to me complain about school and they get to hear all the funny stories about kids from work. I just need to keep on keeping on :)

On a happy note. FALL is here this is my favorite time of year, the colors, the smells, the chilly air, Halloween, Thanksgiving, the clothes, Starbucks drinks ALL of it is my favorite!!! I am going to try to relax and enjoy this time of my life because I know I will never get it back :)

My sister and niece will be heading home from London the end of Oct just in time for Halloween. I can't wait to have them home and here for the Holidays!!! We have missed them so much, but we are so happy that they got to have such a great experience in London and we were so lucky to go visit them. I promise I will post more about London and Ireland soon!!!

Well thanks for listening to me VENT I will not do this often I promise!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Past Few Months

I always promise to be better at this but I guess I just don't find us that interesting so I never think to blog.

We celebrated Austin's Birthday in April

Bought a new Truck

Celebrated Ryan at the Pride Parade

Enjoyed Bike Rides & Campfires

Went to my First Rodeo. West Jordan Stampede

Went Shooting for my First Time

Celebrated the 4th of July at the Bees Game!!

We leave for London in just a few days so I promise I will have tons of more pictures and fun stories to share when we get back!! I hope everyone is having an amazing summer!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I can't believe it we booked our tickets to London!!!!! I can't wait for this trip we are going in the summer, it can't come soon enough. We are taking advice on things to do while we are over there so if you have any ideas please let me know we would love to know!! I was watching P.S I love you the other day and I all of the sudden got so excited, we are going to be there!!! We are going to Ireland how cool is that?? I have always wanted to go to Ireland. Aust is looking into getting a new camera to capture all the beauty and fun we have. Any advice on that would be great also. He is thinking of the Canon T3I I believe. I am terrible with that stuff.

We are just working hard and trying to save money. We are putting our house hunting on hold for right now. I am still in school and unsure where I will end up teaching so we are just unsure of where we want to end up. I feel like we will never get into anything, but people keep telling us when the perfect house comes along everything will just work out smoothly (I sure hope so)

We had Spring Break for my work last week, it was so NICE!!! I did end up working most of the break to catch up on hours but its alright I worked the first part of the week when the weather was not so nice and so when Friday came around I was off and in the sun. I got a beautiful little burn line on the right side of my face haha so cute!!!

I am so excited that it is SPRING!!! I love the warm weather 70-80 degrees is PERFECT!!! I love the Spring Flowers that bloom, the fresh green grass, and all the fun Spring Colors!!! Ah the best part is FLIP FLOPS with GLITTER TOES!!!!! I do them so if you want them call me!!!! They are so fun and last for WEEKS!!! I have tons of colors to choose from also!!!

I am looking into buying some feather extensions so if you are interested, let me know!!!! I love them!!! They are fun and simple and a great way to liven up your hair style!!! You can wash them, blow dry, flat iron and heat style them just like normal hair and they last for a few months!!!

I try to post often but we are just so crazy I have no time. I try to get little ones in here and there while I have a down minute at work!!! I will hopefully be posting real pictures of our lives soon!!!!


Monday, March 7, 2011

A little Update!!

I know I always say this but boy am I terrible at this blog. I guess when I work 45+ hrs a week and go to school part time there really is no time to blog. When I finally have free time I'd rather spend it with my hubby then on my blog. We are staying super busy with work and school. We moved into my parents house to save money for our London trip and a House. My parents have been so great with us moving in. It really hasn't been bad at all, we just miss being in our own home :) The house hunting is NOT FUN haha I can't believe how stressful it really is. We were set on only buying a house but now we are thinking of getting a townhouse. So if anyone out there has advice on the whole house buying thing please let us know!!! We would love to stay in Sandy or Draper but you get a lot more for your money out in Riverton, South Jordan and Herriman so we are open to a few different places.

I just wanted to give my amazing husband a little shout out. I am so lucky to have him in my life. He works so hard for us!! He is always willing to help or listen to me complain. I would be lost without him. I can give him a look and he knows that I need a hug, there is nothing better than a hug from the man you LOVE!!!

We celebrated Valentine's Day and our 7 years of being together in Feb it was amazing we went to Sego Lily Day Spa for a soak and couples massage and then to the Melting Pot for Cheese and Dessert :) so delicious. I can't believe how fast the time has gone by but we have enjoyed every min of the past 7 years we have had our ups and our downs but what couple doesn't. I love you Austin James thank you for everything you do for me!!!

I feel bad for not posting pictures but I am blogging from work and don't have my camera cord with me. I promise to post some soon!!!!