Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Time!!

I LOVE Christmas time for so many reasons. Here are a few!!!!
  • The Lights
  • The Decorations
  • The Music
  • Traditions with Friends (The Roof and Zoo Lights)
  • The fun times with Family and Friends
  • Presents
  • Hot Cocoa

Here are some pictures!!!

The Roof with our friends Katelynn and Aaron.

The food is so amazing!!!

Cute little GingerBread House at Zoo Lights!!
Kate and I in an Egg haha (this was kinda hard)

Austin and I with the girls on Christmas Eve

Austin and his new Tool Box. Love you baby

Aust got me a new camera. I LOVE IT!!!

Oaks on Christmas Eve

Christmas Morning @ 7 am (Too Early for us)