Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I can't believe it we booked our tickets to London!!!!! I can't wait for this trip we are going in the summer, it can't come soon enough. We are taking advice on things to do while we are over there so if you have any ideas please let me know we would love to know!! I was watching P.S I love you the other day and I all of the sudden got so excited, we are going to be there!!! We are going to Ireland how cool is that?? I have always wanted to go to Ireland. Aust is looking into getting a new camera to capture all the beauty and fun we have. Any advice on that would be great also. He is thinking of the Canon T3I I believe. I am terrible with that stuff.

We are just working hard and trying to save money. We are putting our house hunting on hold for right now. I am still in school and unsure where I will end up teaching so we are just unsure of where we want to end up. I feel like we will never get into anything, but people keep telling us when the perfect house comes along everything will just work out smoothly (I sure hope so)

We had Spring Break for my work last week, it was so NICE!!! I did end up working most of the break to catch up on hours but its alright I worked the first part of the week when the weather was not so nice and so when Friday came around I was off and in the sun. I got a beautiful little burn line on the right side of my face haha so cute!!!

I am so excited that it is SPRING!!! I love the warm weather 70-80 degrees is PERFECT!!! I love the Spring Flowers that bloom, the fresh green grass, and all the fun Spring Colors!!! Ah the best part is FLIP FLOPS with GLITTER TOES!!!!! I do them so if you want them call me!!!! They are so fun and last for WEEKS!!! I have tons of colors to choose from also!!!

I am looking into buying some feather extensions so if you are interested, let me know!!!! I love them!!! They are fun and simple and a great way to liven up your hair style!!! You can wash them, blow dry, flat iron and heat style them just like normal hair and they last for a few months!!!

I try to post often but we are just so crazy I have no time. I try to get little ones in here and there while I have a down minute at work!!! I will hopefully be posting real pictures of our lives soon!!!!