Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer Time!!!!

We have had a great summer!!! I finally got a job I am back to work at Parkside I am so excited to see my cute little Parkside kids again I love those kids!!!! I can't believe summer is over it seems so crazy it went so fast. I am so excited for fall though Ah I love Halloween hehe!!! the Fall leaves and just all of Fall!!! Well I hope you all had a great summer!!!
Here are some pictures of the fun things we have done this summer!!!
4 wheeling with my mom :)Riding with the Hubby :)Mikayla's Birthday PartyBee's Games With My GirlsSleepover with Aidan I just love this picture!!! Austy ready for the campfire!!!
Campfire with my family I love the smoke in this one
My Wedding Photographer I just love her!!! Me Aust and Logan @ Braxton's BirthdayAust driving his Boss's Porche around :)Saying goodbye to my cousin Brandon. We had a blast with him