Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Past Few Months

I always promise to be better at this but I guess I just don't find us that interesting so I never think to blog.

We celebrated Austin's Birthday in April

Bought a new Truck

Celebrated Ryan at the Pride Parade

Enjoyed Bike Rides & Campfires

Went to my First Rodeo. West Jordan Stampede

Went Shooting for my First Time

Celebrated the 4th of July at the Bees Game!!

We leave for London in just a few days so I promise I will have tons of more pictures and fun stories to share when we get back!! I hope everyone is having an amazing summer!!!

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The Hamiltons said...

I found this whole post gripping, I was literally on the edge of my seat reading it with anticipation of what was coming next. You and Austin are super interesting, you should post more. In fact I think we should go dancing when you get home so you would have an epic evening with me to blog about.