Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's been awhile!!!

Wow it has been quite sometime since I last blogged. Here are a few things that we have done lately. We moved Austin into our new place!!! It has been so much fun, we have loved being in our own place. It has been fun buying new things to decorate and cooking for each other at night. We had a great Easter weekend. We got our engagement pictures done the Saturday before Easter, our photographer is AMAZING. She is so much fun we love her. She did a great job too she was so excited to try new things and she made sure we were always comfortable. I would recommend her to anyone. If you need a photographer please let me know I will give you her info!!! It was so hard to choose the pictures. My mom tagged along which was so fun she took pictures of us getting our pictures taken haha. Gotta love her!!! This is us with our awesome photographer
and a sneak peek of our pictures

My niece Kate was in a play so we went to that after engagements. It was so great to see her in the play she has grown up so much I can't even believe it. She did a great job you can tell she really loves it. Easter Sunday was pretty chill we went to a movie with my family and then came home had lunch and had an Easter Egg Hunt. Aidan had a blast she would hide the eggs over and over and make us find them. Nieces are so fun!!! Here they are searching for eggs

And here they are in their super sweet 3D glasses

We are finishing up on all the wedding plans. I can't believe that we only have a little over a month it seems like we have been planning forever and I can't believe it is almost here. I can't wait it will be so nice to see everything put together. We have been waiting so long it will be nice to finally be married :) We went to a surprise 21st party for one of our friends. It's so nice everyone is finally turning 21. Austin's birthday is next week he can't wait. It will be so fun to finally have everyone go out together. We are going to have a little party for him so I'm sure there will be photos soon :) Here we are with our friends Devin and Kiersten

I am also loving my job I never knew working with kids was gonna be so fun!!! I love seeing them improve and learn new things they get so excited. We went on a field trip the other day it was so fun we went to the Children's Museum and then we went to the Planetarium and saw the under the sea 3D movie it was so much fun. The kids are really fun!!! Well that is all on us for now!!!