Friday, June 26, 2009

Pictures from our Wedding

Getting ready

Ringbarrer, Flower girl and new nephew Logan

Now Mr. and Mrs. Hatch!!!!

The Boys

The Girls

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Day I Married the LOVE of my Life!!!

On Wednesday June 10th 2009 I married the love of my life and my best friend!!!! As many of you know we have been engaged since last March and have been together for 5 years we were so ready!!! Some of my family came in from Washington which was so great to have them here. The weather was kind of scary it had rained so much before hand and sure enough the day off was pretty rainy we were able to get a canopy for the patio I was a little upset cause I wanted all outdoor that is why we picked Rose Sachs Gardens but you can't do anything about the weather.

We had our ceremony under the canopy and things went great. It was so fun to hold Austin's hand and know we were finally getting married. I now get to call him my husband and always be with him. We had a fun turn out of friends we danced and had fun the whole night. Our DJ was great and played fun music. We had a blast thank you to everyone that came and celebrated the start of our new lives together. I couldn't have done it without the help of close friends and family. Thank you everyone for all your help and everything that you did.

The night of our wedding we stayed in the Presidents Suite at the Hilton Hotel. WOW it was amazing it was seriously 3 times the size of our condo it was so nice!!! We then hung around with the family and did the present thing over the weekend. We headed out to San Diego California for our honeymoon we had a blast we went to Sea World, The Beach and relaxed we had so much fun!!!!

We are now back to reality. We have most of our stuff all put together at home, it is so fun to be with each other in our own place. We cook dinner together and do other fun things. Well I think that is about it. I love you baby thank you for being the best!!! I am so lucky you now have you has my husband!!!

Pictures to come!!!!