Monday, March 2, 2009

You will be missed Ryan

Friday morning we got the phone call that a very close family friend had been in a plane accident and had died. This news was so shocking we could not believe it. Ryan Mouritsen was one of the greatest people I had ever met. He was full of life there was never a dull moment if Ryan was in the room. We all loved Ryan so much but my sister was very close to him, they were more than just best friends. My heart breaks to see her have to go through this. Ryan was one of those people that you just instantly loved, you couldn't help but love him. Ryan has an amazing family that will miss him so much. He just adored his nieces and nephews. My niece Aidan was so lucky to have Uncle Ryan in her life, even though she wasn't really his niece he sure treated her like one. He always showed her the same love. We know Ryan is now doing what he loves, flying his own set of wings. We will truly miss you Ryan, you were an amazing person. We will think of you everyday and always remember the good times!!! I love you, toodles :)