Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm really not good at this whole Blog thing

I know I said that I was going to post something sooner but I just have no time to update my blog. This will be quite long so I hope you enjoy!!! Sorry there are a lot of pictures and little post to go with them :)

My sister and niece took off for London!! I was so sad that they were leaving I think I cried like everyday for 2 weeks before they left. My sister and I are very close and I talk to her about everything, my sweet little niece is just adorable she is so fun and always made me smile when I saw her. She always did things that just cracked us up. Austin and I had decided to take Aidan to build a bear for her birthday, we got her an adorable bear and we recorded us saying that we loved her. She was so excited for her bear Elizabeth :)
Austin had to work when Jamie and Aidan left to London so they had to tell each other good-bye the night before. Ah talk about tears I was bawling he held her and just talked to her for a minute and then they just gave each other hugs. Austin has been such a great man for Aidan to have in her life she LOVES her Austy so much. They of course started to goof off when it got too
sad :)

We took so many pictures the day we left. We all went to lunch together and took pictures of each of us with our cute Aidan. We all will miss her so much. I miss kissing these cute cheeks.

We walked them to security and sat forever we just didn't want to tell them good-bye. My sister's cute friend Anna works for Delta so she got herself a buddy pass and sat at the gate with them until they had to board the plane. We are so glad they had that extra help. As they went to get in line they both turned around and gave us the I LOVE YOU sign.

We miss them so much, but everytime we talk to them they sound so amazing. Aidan gets to wear an adorable uniform at her school, she loves to dress up :) Jamie sent us this picture the other day. It's pure Aidan she is such a goofball.

Now onto happy stuff I'm getting sad :( HALLOWEEN my favorite time of year!!!! We went to this fun pumpkin patch that had a great picture area. We had to wait to get our picture taken I can't wait to have kids and bring them here!! We started a tradition with our friends, we go pick out our pumpkins then come back to our place to carve them. We have so much fun :)

I love working at the Elementary School. The kids get so excited to dress up in their costumes and they love when the teachers dress up too. This year I was a ladybug inspired by the adorable book "The Ladybug Girl" My close friend Kenzie was a bubblebee so we had fun with this :) One of my little guys told me "Mrs. Hatch you look beautiful as a ladybug" Kids are so dang cute!!!

Austin never gets excited about dressing up like I do he always pulls something out of his closet haha

(Our Nephews they were too interested in the doorbell ringing non stop haha)

We were so excited for the UTES Blackout Game but the team was just not as excited as us I guess because they just did not show up :(

My cute friend from High School is having a baby in Jan this is our group from High School at her shower. I can't believe that we will have two babies in our group now so crazy!!!

WOW sorry that was so much too take in!! We have been so super busy with work and school and living our lives I never find time to post updates. I will try and be better at it with this fun busy holiday season approaching. I can't wait for Turkey Day and hope you all have a great day. Remember the things we are Thankful for and remember to tell the special people in our lives what they mean to us!!!