Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our Honeymoon!!!

We went to San Diego for our honeymoon ah it was so nice to get away. We had never been to San Diego and were both so excited. Since we are under 25 it cost way too much to rent a car so we just walked to where we wanted to go. We were like little kids we were so excited to go to Sea World it was so much fun. We got there in the early afternoon and stayed till after 9 we got to see the dolphin show, Sea Lions Live and the big Shamu Rocks show that they only do in the summer. We got to feed the Sea Lions it was so fun they were going crazy. We had an amazing view from our room we were right on Mission Bay it was so fun to see all the boats coming in and out during the day. We were able to walk to the beach it was so nice. I'm not one to play in the waves but I love watching them and hearing them crash. We did a lot of relaxing it was so nice to just hang out and not worry about getting things done. We had a blast!!!! We can't wait to go back and do more when we have a car haha. Here are some pictures!!!

the view from our room during the day
then night it was so pretty!!!

The Budweiser Wagon

Austin loves the Penguins

Feeding the Sea Lions