Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Austin's 21st Birthday!!!!

Well it has finally happened Austin has turned 21 we have been waiting for quite some time. We had a fun day. We got together for lunch and Aust had his first beer yay!!! We then went to Brewvies and saw I love you man. Funny movie and great place to go :)

We got Austin a grill for his birthday I was so excited cause he has always loved to grill and now we have a place for him to grill whenever he wants to.

We had a party for him with our friends at our new place!!! We kept it really simple but we had fun. We started with a BBQ of course and then just had fun playing games and such. I love Aust so much. I can't believe we are so close to getting married. We only have 27 days yay!!! I can't wait we have been waiting long enough!!!

Here are a few more engagements also.